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What Is A Mountain Pie?

Mountain Pie

What Is A Mountain Pie?

A Mountain Pie is a handheld pie cooked over an open flame, typically containing a filling of sweet or savory ingredients, sandwiched between two slices of bread and grilled to perfection.

The classic sandwich originated in outdoor camping settings but has evolved to be enjoyed anywhere.

To make the perfect mountain pie, fillings such as cheese and tomato sauce, fruit preserves, ham, and egg are enclosed in an aluminum alloy maker and placed directly on campfire coals or the grate.

Toasted bread yields the ideal crisp outer layer for warm, melty insides as the pie cooks.

Crafting a unique pie filling is what sets individual mountain pies apart.

While classics and standards exist, like pizza-style or cherry jam with cream cheese, bold bakers might experiment with more exotic fillings like buffalo chicken or stuffed with refried beans.

This hand-held meal offers endless varieties to satisfy anyone’s cravings.

An interesting anecdote recounts when two teenage boys in the Pocono Mountains used their mom’s apple pie instead of bread to make their sandwich while it was being grilled over an open-flame fire at their campground site.

From then on, it became known as a “mountain” version of traditional homemade apple pies- henceforth named Mountain Pies.

Before food trucks, there were mountain pies – the original portable meal for outdoor enthusiasts and hungry campers alike.

Mountain Pie History

Mountain Pie, also known as a campfire pie or hobo pie, has its roots in American camping culture.

This sandwich-like pastry originated as an easy-to-make meal for outdoor enthusiasts.

Ingredients like bread and fillings of meat and vegetables are assembled and cooked on a campfire or stove.

Mountain Pies were originally created by coal miners in Pennsylvania who wanted an easy way to cook lunch while on-the-job.

These pies grew in popularity in the late 19th century during the Industrial Revolution when people took to nature for leisure activities.

Some consider Mountain Pies to be an evolution of the English pastry.

The beauty of Mountain Pies lies in their versatility.

They can be filled with anything from pizza toppings to classic grilled cheese fillings, making them an ideal choice for any meal of the day.

Don’t miss out on this unique spin on traditional camping fare.

Try making your own Mountain Pie at home or on your next camping trip for a satisfying and delicious meal that is sure to impress.

Get ready to carb-load like you’re climbing the Himalayas because these mountain pies are stuffed with enough ingredients to make even the most seasoned hiker break a sweat.

Ingredients of Mountain Pie

To create delicious Mountain Pies, you need to have the perfect ingredients.

To make your mountain pie exceptional, focus on the crust and fillings.

Having the right balance of both elements is crucial to achieving the perfect flavors.

This section will focus on the two basic sub-sections that will allow you to make the perfect mountain pie: crust options for mountain pie and filling options for mountain pie.

Mountain Pie Crust Options

Several options are available for variety in their Mountain Pie crusts.

From sweet to savory, here are some crust options to consider:

Crust TypeDescription
Biscuit DoughSweet and fluffy and pairs well with fruit fillings.
Pie DoughA classic crust that works with both sweet and savory fillings.
Filo DoughA flaky and crispy crust that pairs well with vegetable-based fillings.

It’s important to note that the crust choice can significantly affect the outcome of your Mountain Pie.

Be sure to select a crust that complements your filling choices.

Customizing your Mountain Pie can be exciting, especially if you’re catering to picky eaters or those with dietary restrictions.

If you’re sensitive to gluten, consider using gluten-free pie dough or vegan filo.

Don’t miss out on trying different crust options for your next Mountain Pie creation.

The perfect combination of filling and crust will satisfy all your guests and ask for more.

Whether you’re adventurous or just plain hungry, these filling options for Mountain Pie will have you feeling like a mountaineer in no time.

Mountain Pie Filling Options

Mountain Pie is a versatile dish that can be prepared using a variety of mouth-watering fillings.

The endless filling options provide a range of taste experiences that will leave you savoring every bite.

  • Traditional Pies: You can enjoy the classic flavor of mountain pies with fillings like cherry, apple, or blueberry.
  • Savory Options: Meat lovers can opt for steak, chicken, or pulled pork as their pie filling, whereas vegetarians can relish the taste of cheese, veggies, or beans in their mountain pie.
  • Breakfast Mountain Pies: Start your day with a hearty breakfast option like egg and sausage or bacon and cheese mountain pies.
  • Campfire Favorites: Try hot dog or s’mores fillings in your mountain pie for campfire memories.
  • Healthy Fillings: For health-conscious people, tuna salad or grilled chicken with vegetables make healthy yet delicious options.
  • Creative Recipes: Enjoy experimenting with unique filling ideas like pizza toppings, Nutella and banana, or peanut butter and jelly!

Notably, the crust enhances a mountain pie’s flavor profile. Use crumbly biscuit dough instead of standard pastry for best results.

Did you know that mountain pies are sometimes called ‘hobo pies’?

According to Taste of Home magazine, this name was coined during the great depression when hobos used to prepare these pies over campfires.

Sweet Mountain Pies

Mountain Pie is a versatile and scrumptious dish with endless variations.

There are plenty of options for sweet versions of Mountain Pie, making the dish even more mouth-watering and heavenly.

Here are 6 sweet versions that will make your taste buds dance with joy:

  • Classic S’mores Mountain Pie – Made with chocolate chips, marshmallows, and graham crackers.
  • Apple Cinnamon Mountain Pie – A warm blend of apples, cinnamon sugar, and buttery pie crust.
  • Pumpkin Spice Mountain Pie – A fall favorite made using pumpkin puree mixed with cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and other spices
  • Berry Cobbler Mountain Pie – A fruity twist on classic cobbler topped with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream
  • Peach Melba Mountain Pie – Fresh peaches with raspberry sauce and crumbly streusel topping
  • Banana Nutella Mountain Pie – Banana slices slathered in Nutella wrapped in flaky, crusty dough.

Uniquely crafted to suit different palates, each version holds as much appeal individually as they do together.

Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer balanced flavors, there’s a mountain pie dessert variety for everyone to savor.

Why miss the opportunity to try something new or enjoy your all-time favorite pie variant?

Get spoilt for choice as you explore the world of mountain pies like never before!

If you’re like me, and prefer your mountain pie on the savory side, then prepare to have your taste buds reach new heights.

Savory Mountain Pies

Mountain Pie is a delightful campfire dish with various flavors and tastes.

Exploring the world of Mountain Pies reveals an endless array of savory options that are simply delicious.

Here are 4 mouth-watering variations to try:

  • Philly Cheesesteak Mountain Pie
  • Buffalo Chicken Mountain Pie
  • Taco Mountain Pie
  • Spinach and Feta Mountain Pie

Each option offers a unique blend of ingredients and spices that will tantalize your taste buds while camping or enjoying nature.

When making a Philly Cheesesteak Mountain Pie, thinly sliced steak, onions, peppers, and provolone cheese all come together beautifully.

In contrast, a Buffalo Chicken Mountain Pie takes on spicy goodness with chicken, hot sauce, and blue cheese crumbles.

The Taco Mountain Pie includes taco meat, shredded cheddar cheese, lettuce, diced tomato, and sour cream inside the crust.

Meanwhile, the Spinach and Feta version features spinach leaves mixed with creamy feta for a tasty vegetarian option.

Finally, it’s interesting that mountain pies were first introduced in the 1800s as hand pies filled with jelly or fruit preserves.

However, their versatility has made them one of America’s most beloved camping dishes today.

Even if you’re not a fan of hiking, learning to make a mountain pie is the survival skill that could save your life… or at least your taste buds.

How To Make A Mountain Pie

To make a Mountain Pie, with step-by-step instructions as the solution, you need to follow a few simple steps.

Don’t worry; we’ll guide you through making a mouth-watering mountain pie.

Keep reading for detailed and easy-to-follow instructions…

Step-By-Step Instructions For Making A Mountain Pie

Making a delicious mountain pie requires specific ingredients and processes.

To create this delightful treat, follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Preparing the Ingredients
    • Gather bread slices, pie filling, butter, and cooking spray.
    • Cut off the crusts and flatten each slice of bread using a rolling pin.
    • Spread butter on one side of each flattened piece of bread.
  2. Assembling the Mountain Pie
    • Lay one slice of bread with the buttered side down on a cast-iron pie maker.
    • Add the pie filling to the center of that slice.
    • Place another slice of buttered bread atop the filling, keeping it buttered side up.
    • Lock the pie iron closed to secure your sandwich.
  3. Cooking Process – Place the cast iron over medium heat for 5 minutes until browned, then flip over to cook for another 5 minutes.
  4. Enjoy Your Delicious Meal – Finally, remove from heat, and serve with vinaigrette or your preferred dipping sauce.

A crucial tip that can be beneficial in making this dish is adding cheese inside to make it more appetizing!

Making a mountain pie is easy if you follow these steps and add your desired twist to enhance its flavor.

Don’t forget to add a sprinkle of awe and adventure to your mountain pie; it’s essential for the outdoorsy taste.

Tips For Making A Perfect Mountain Pie

Mountain Pie is a popular dish made by sandwiching different ingredients between two slices of bread and grilling it over a campfire.

To create the Perfect Mountain Pie, follow these tips:

  1. Choose the right bread: Pre-sliced white or wheat bread makes Mountain Pies.
  2. Get Creative with Fillings: Experiment with various fillings, such as cheese, meat, vegetables, or fruit, depending on your preference.
  3. Don’t Overstuff: It’s easy to get carried away with fillings, but refrain from overstuffing the pie since it can become messy when you try to cook it.

Add seasoning to your fillings, like pepper or garlic powder, to enhance your Mountain Pie’s taste.

Serve it hot with some mustard sauce.

A Pro Tip: Use a pie iron that can make more than one Mountain Pie at a time, helping you serve hot pies quickly.

Get your fill of mountain pies at local diners and camping trips – because nothing says adventure like a meal cooked over an open fire!

Where To Find Mountain Pies

Here are places where you can find mountain pies:

  • At fairs and festivals all across America, including state and county fairs.
  • Certain markets and food trucks specialize in the food.
  • Stores at campgrounds or other outdoor recreation areas like state parks or beaches.
  • Making your mountain pie at home with a special maker by buying it from online stores or local kitchen shops near you.

In addition to these locations mentioned above, one can find this delicacy amongst local eateries famous for their rendition of the dish.

Satisfy your hunger cravings by trying various flavors and delicacies while experiencing different cultures worldwide.

Why not try these suggestions to discover how to relish this dish?

If exploring unique flavors piques your interest, create new tastes while enjoying the beautiful scenery by camping amidst nature.

Grab a few ingredients, build a bonfire, and cook yourself a warm mountain pie while enjoying the picturesque view.

Alternatively, try putting a twist on traditional mountain pies made with bread.

Try using puff pastry or phyllo dough instead for an elevated texture varying from soft to crispy according to personal preference.

Discovering culinary sensations becomes more exciting by revealing lesser-known details about Mountain Pies’ unique possibilities.

Mountain pies: the camping equivalent of a gourmet meal without the effort or the price tag.

Why Mountain Pies Are A Popular Campfire Food

Mountain pies have become a popular campfire food due to their versatility, ease of cooking, and delicious flavors that cater to various preferences.

These handheld delights provide an opportunity to switch up traditional camping meals and create fun experiences around the fire.

  • They offer endless possibilities – from savory fillings like cheese and meat to sweet ones like fruit preserves or chocolate chips.
  • They are easy to make using specialized sandwich makers or over an open flame with tinfoil wrapped around them.
  • They are shareable and perfect for group camping trips where everyone can customize their pie according to their liking.
  • They bring people together in a fun and communal way, allowing for conversations and laughter around the campfire as they cook.

It’s worth noting that different regions have their version of mountain pies.

For example, the Northeastern United States calls them “hobo pies,” while in other areas, they refer to them as “toasted sandwiches” or “pudgy pies.”

However, they all center around stuffing ingredients between two pieces of bread, sealing them off, and cooking them over a fire.

Happy Cooking!

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